House GOP plans to keep some Medicaid expansion, steering money to non-expansion states

Congressional Republicans have been struggling for months to resolve one of the most vexing problems in their tortuous effort to replace the Affordable Care Act: What to do about the generous federal funding for states that broadened their Medicaid programs under the law, while not shortchanging the 19 states that balked at expansion?


Despite evidence that Medicaid works, Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback vetoes expansion

Republicans in Congress and statehouses across the country harbor an antipathy to Medicaid that is impossible to explain, except as hostility to the poor families that are its chief beneficiaries.


WSJ’s Daily Shot: Health Costs Soar 180% In 15 Years


5 tips for identifying whether self-pay patients have hidden health coverage

As hospitals and health systems seek to decrease bad debt and maximize reimbursement, it is crucial they identify which patients are true self-pay and which patients are self-pay after insurance, meaning they have a high-deductible plan and still owe a significant amount of money after their coverage kicks in.


Illinois Medicaid advisory committee provides budget update

The Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services Medicaid Advisory Committee met Jan. 8 to provide a budget update.